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1. Made of medical-grade polypropylene (PP), they are chemicallystable and incorruptible.

2. Burr-free molding in-one-go with special molds.

3. Uniform wall thickness; no cross contamination; no RNA/DNAenzymes.

4. Smooth surface with high transparency.

5. Reasonably customizable depending on customer requirements.

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CDM2100 U Bottom, With Buckle, 8 Well Tip Comb 9 broads/pack 10 pack/case
CDM2000 U Bottom, With Buckle, 96 Well Tip Comb 8 broads/pack 10 pack/case
CDM2010 U Bottom, Without Buckle, 96 Well Tip Comb 8 broads/pack 10 pack/case
CDM2001 V Bottom, With Buckle, 96 Well Tip Comb 8 broads/pack 10 pack/case
CDM2011 V Bottom, Without Buckle, 96 Well Tip Comb 8 broads/pack 10 pack/case

Introducing our innovative product - Medical Grade Polypropylene (PP) Tubing. Engineered to meet the highest quality standards, our tubing is chemically stable and resistant to corrosion, making it a reliable choice for a variety of applications in the medical industry.

One of the main features of our tubing is the one-time, burr-free forming using special molds. This ensures that the tubes are manufactured with precision and accuracy, resulting in a seamless and uniform product. The absence of burrs guarantees a smooth surface, eliminating any potential risk of contamination and ensuring sample safety.In addition, our tubing has a uniform wall thickness, which further increases its reliability. This uniformity ensures that there is no risk of cross-contamination between samples, thereby maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the experiment. Additionally, our tubes are designed to prevent any interference by RNA/DNases, allowing for an accurate and reliable test.

The high transparency of our tubing is another notable feature. The smooth surface coupled with excellent clarity makes it easy to see the contents of the tube. This is especially beneficial in research and diagnostic environments where visual inspection is critical.Customization is an important aspect to us, we understand that different clients have different requirements. Therefore, our tubing can be reasonably tailored to meet specific needs. Whether it is size modification or professional labeling, we are committed to providing tailor-made solutions for our customers.

In conclusion, our medical grade polypropylene tubing is an excellent choice for any laboratory or medical setting. With their stability, precision molding, uniform wall thickness, smooth surface, high clarity, and customization options, our tubes provide a reliable and versatile solution for all your sample storage and testing needs. Experience our exceptional tubing and enhance your research, diagnostics and experiments.

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